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The elevator door interlock function failure analysis



The elevator door interlock function failure analysis, this article roughly introduction, content and for reference only!




The first: inspection gauge:


6.10 does layer \"elevator inspection reports on a regular basis, car door electromechanical interlocking protection:


A. normal operation layer door cannot be opened;


B. layer, when the car door opened the elevator can not run;


C. check the electrical devices in the closed position.\"


Circuit 1 and 2 can conform to the requirements of the inspection rules.


Second, two kind of typical hall door car door interlock circuit


Car door series circuit 1: hall, input to the PLC or the circuit board is only a little, represented by mitsubishi SPVF.


Circuit 2: independence hall door car door, hall gate circuit with relay, relay point auxiliary input circuit, the car door direct input circuit board, with Hitachi series (including wing tai, LG) as the representative.


Third, the door interlock failure analysis:


The elevator at the entrance to the accident analysis and countermeasure in detail the fault tree analysis is as follows:


X1: door lock switch sub X2: short answer the door lock circuit X3: door microswitch contacts don't release


X4: door lock relay contact delay disconnect or continuously


X5: press emergency button to control the elevator (now cancelled the emergency button, in the don't have to talk)


Control cabinet of the X1 X4 ~ to take protective measures.


Fourth, the control cabinet of the X1 X4 ~ protection:


Protection circuit 1 cannot come true, because the hall door car door did not separate monitoring.


Circuit 2, and the hardware and software, such as 35, fault fault, 86, 87, will no longer show in detail.


In terms of PLC control, PLC program of GVF is quite good, entirely in accordance with the requirements for Hitachi, important relay and contactor, monitor its auxiliary contact, let alone a hall door circuit relay.


5, other parts:


48 v dc power supply USES mostly circuit 2, more than 20 floors, if dust, prone to failure.


2. The circuit adopts dc 1 125 v power supply, and mitsubishi hall door mechanism is quite reliable, hall door broken in be used actually happen rarely need short answer, this is mitsubishi only single point monitoring room of the car door circuit.


But domestic small factory machinery structure itself is not good, 1 control cabinet with circuit, PLC points or even the thought, important relay and contactor does not monitor its auxiliary contact, hard to avoid nipple hall gate circuits.


So, mitsubishi brought a very bad head in this aspect, has played a very bad leadership.

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