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The import operation, elevator etiquette

"Hello", "thank you" these are our common courtesy, but we take the elevator when there are certain elevator etiquette. Elevator etiquette is like to ride the elevator "rules of the road" to everyone understand and abide by. If you don't master the elevator etiquette, there may be some embarrassing scenes, and may even trigger elevator safety accident.

1 lift import and etiquette

The import and the elevator "first-out backward" principle, "advanced after" is comity, otherwise, can cause confusion and embarrassment; the same elevator should follow the elders, old man, woman, the disabled, children first out, in order to avoid mutual comity or do not understand the elevator etiquette and the embarrassment. Waiting for the elevator should stand at the side of the elevator button, can operate the elevator up and down, when the elevator arrived, can help hold the elevator button. And out of the elevator should follow the kuaijinkuaichu. The elevator door open time is 10 seconds, thirty or forty seconds long. The elevator accidents are part of the reason is caused by the fault of elevator door, so the residence time in the crack between the shorter the better.

2 elevator etiquette

Elevator operation process of the occupant is also need to pay attention to etiquette. Enter the elevator, advanced to the people on both sides of the elevator door should stand in the back, to come in person to make room. Don't stand in the elevator door to block others import. In the elevator is crowded, once the elevator door opened, standing on the outside is not anyone who should take the initiative to get out of the way, let the people inside out, the people inside can "borrow" "excuse me" "thank you" and politeness, to remind. Because of the narrow space crowded elevator, especially, the distance between people is less than the minimum communication distance, passengers should as far as possible to keep silence, can nod or a hello; if it is necessary to speak, should do the whisper, not loud, so as not to appear to be their own lack of education; if someone walked to the elevator came, please press the "open" button, and others in the elevator; a door, not later, this kind of behavior is very lack of accomplishment.


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